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A chill, very unfinished walking sim about an alien who visits Earth long after the human population has died out. This was my first entry into Ludum Dare with the theme Ancient Technology and unfortunately it didn't go all that well. Its unfinished primarily because I just lost interest in the idea near the last day. But honestly letting go of ideas, especially when they aren't inspiring you feels a bit liberating so I guess everything turned out quite well. This is my third game created for the game a week challenge and is not in a completed state.

--Known Issues--

-Game has no explicit ending or UI so exiting requires tabbing out of the application

-The movement is really bad and because of frequent camera changes, movement becomes not much fun


Movement: WASD

Run: Hold Shift while moving

Quit Qame: Alt + Tab and quit application on task bar

--Contact Me--

Email: nichoreynolds@gmail.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/NichReynolds

Blog: https://touchmyhapticfeedback.wordpress.com


Third Person Controller

provided by Vinicius Marques



Anachronism_Win.zip 33 MB
Anachronism_Mac.zip 36 MB

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