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A game about relationships and whether they are worth the effort or not. Also some Norse stuff thrown in because why the fudgy fudge fudge not. The game is primarily a walking simulator but there are a few video games. It is very voice acting heavy so if you can't handle my voice, then welcome to the club.

--Known Issues--

-Some mini games may glitches such as allowing the player to fall out of a map or to fall into a pit that the player may perceive as a death pit. There is no death in the game though so you are always safe and should always be able to progress.


Movement: WASD

Look Around: Mouse

Interact: E

Pause Game: Escape

--Contact Me--

If you have any questions or would like to collaborate feel free to email me at:

Email: nichoreynolds@gmail.com

While I don't quite get it just yet, I occasionally tweet at:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/NichReynolds

If you would like to check out any postmortems or personal project updates you can find them here at my blog:

Featured on Kill Screen: https://killscreen.com/previously/articles/relationships-worth-not-find-door/


TheDoor_Win.zip 19 MB
TheDoor_Mac.zip 20 MB

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